6 Tips for Healthy Summer Feet

As we are heading into summer we thought we would share with you some basic tips of how you can keep your feet healthy in the warmer weather.

  1. Moisturise regularly - Summer’s dry warmer weather are the perfect conditions to cause cracked heels and callus. To help prevent this from occurring daily application of moisturiser to your feet will help to keep your feet soft and callus free. If you have thick callus surrounding your feet and heels, continue to apply moisturiser, but we would also recommend coming to us to remove the callus.

  2. Avoid Non-supportive footwear - Limit time spent in non-supportive footwear such as flip flops or thongs. During the summer period we are more inclined to wear open toed footwear which do not support the foot and may cause pain such as Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles Tendinitis and cause callous formation. We can also recommend some supportive sandal brands if needed.

  3. Reduce Risk of Contagious Infections – When spending time around public pools or travelling to caravan parks, remember to always have something on your feet around the pool and caravan park public showers as these places are known for spreading wart and fungal infections. Rotate between shoes and socks to let them dry out and help prevent fungal infections.

  4. Sunscreen Your Feet - Melanoma has the highest incident rate in Australia so Don’t Forget to Apply Sunscreen to the top, bottom of your feet and above your ankles. Reapply after going into the water!

  5. Limit Time Spent Barefoot – This might be an obvious one but think about where you are walking when barefoot. Walking around barefoot can put you at risk of cuts and abrasions to your feet or may cause burns or blistering to your feet from hot pavement/road sand at the beach. These cuts and blisters are also prone to infection, so make sure you do wear shoes if a cut or burn occurs.

  6. Nail Care – When trimming your toe nails this summer cut straight across the nail, filing any sharp edges to prevent the nail digging into the skin. If you are unable to cut your own nails or suffering from ingrown nails please come see us, we would be happy to help.